Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look over the hill... its a NEW POST !!!

Oh the humanity! Its been more than four months since I last posted on this web page. And this is the worst possible time to make amends really...considering its 5.45 in the morning here, i haven't slept all night and have a Math exam to deal with tomorrow. But I guess this is how life is... Unexpected, highly liberally put...haha, oh man, ask me how. But I'll save that for later probably.

Last time you read about me was when I was about to start wit
h university and its only fitting i think that my next post comes 35 hours before the start of my first semester examinations. A wise man hath truly said - "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana." Think it was Groucho Marx probably. But anyways, it was just yesterday when I landed in Singapore and one semester is over already. In hindsight, though a jiffy it may be, but my first four months here in National University of Singapore have arguably been one of the best in my life. 


Varied experiences, agonies, ecstacies, fights, totally random trips at random times, celebrating birthdays, organizing events... it has been a roller coaster ride... but I enjoyed every bit of it. I am highly tempted to go into the details here but then again, it will be eons before I stop... so short it will be.
One of my seniors rightly said (during ragging of all the times) that NUS is a place where you learn the true value of independence... and that too both sides of it. Independence gives you the freedom to make choices - its upto you to choose between the 
right path and the more convenient path. Its so true and valid for a place like NUS where freedom abounds and you really have to be careful of each step you take. The last four months have taught me stuff man... talk about it... things that I never dreamt I'd do are now orders of the day. Sometimes its hard and I start getting irritated at random things, but then as one of my Professor so aptly says, "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." So true!

Getting down to more concrete things, I have been enjoying my course here. Computer Science at NUS is one of the tougher things you can choose to study but I have no regrets. Lol, maybe I am saying that because my exams are yet to start... but I hope it stays that way. Interesting it may be, it is damn tough and exacting though. Project submissions, essays, weekly assignments, problem sets yada yada yada do make life miserable at times... a lot of times rather. But then, NUS is hard... its rigorous...almost torturous at times... but then again, what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger. Oh man, this phrase is totally meant for NUS. By the time I graduate I'll probably be the strongest person around. But we do have lots of fun along the way as well. Random trips to East Coast Park, random movie outings, playing Age of Empires throughout the night, sitting at Techno Edge and motivating depressed people, sleeping in the library, crashing random lectures which have nothing to do with your course, et al... are just some of the peculiar things we do when we are not doing anything else... which, er... is most of the time. 
Another integral part of life in NUS are the co-curricular activities that you have to totally immerse yourselves into if you want to stay on campus. Take up a sport, sing, dance, act or just plain be some director of something in some organization and organize stuff every now and then. Sometimes these CCAs do piss you off and you feel that there's no point of it at all, but then at the end of the day you realise that they are just as important as your modules, if not even more vital. 

Friends are one thing you truly start to treasure here. There seriously are some awesome people around whom I can blindly trust even though I have only known them for four months, or even lesser. There should totally be a separate post for this as well, considering how much i can write about them if I start to. But yeah, NUS is like home now just because of all my friends. Lol, mom or dad, if you are reading this, just to clarify here that I do miss home as well :P

Well anyways, I dont see the point of ranting on any further considering I have exams to study for. Oh Christ! The Sun is up already and I still have to sleep. See this is what NUS does to you! But I love it nevertheless ;)

Till then...

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