Thursday, May 1, 2008


Now that i have got my visa, i think it is time enough to announce my participation in the 'GLOBAL YOUNG LEADERS CONFERENCE 2008' to you all.

To start off, I got this invitation letter one day in my mail stating, rather grandly, that, "Abhinay, due to your outstanding academic and extra curricular credentials, you have been nominated to represent your country in the 2008 Global Young Leaders Conference."

... ahem.... Yeah, i know it sounds pretty grandiose. The conference commences in Washington D.C. on 15th June and ends in New York City on the 26th. The trip will include everything from a visit to the UN headquarters, to even a farewell dance on the last day. It is somewhat like the MUN. The participants represent a country and take part in activities like a global summit, crisis simulation, etcetera. One also gets to meet distinguished politicians, lobbyists, leaders and entrepreneurs. For instance, Kofi Annan, Ted Turner, the CEO of Starbucks, the chairman of World Bank and others. I am really excited about this whole experience as I'll be meeting students from over sixty other countries during the course of this conference. Also, due to the fact that I had managed to pull off a sponsorship of rupees one lakh from the 'Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)' for this trip, it is easy on the pocket too. All in all, I think it will be one hell of a experience playing 'country leader-country leader' with students from all around the world.

PS: Cherry on the cake - as a part of the cultural tour, we will be attending a Broadway show too!

Till then...

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